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The Barre Groove Methods

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It is an exercise class that is super challenging and yet I can't help but smile the whole time. You come out of the building glowing with positive energy.


It’s a BLAST. Couldn’t stop smiling.


That it’s the best thing I have ever found in boston!


Well, in short, I rave about it and glow when I talk about it. Working out is fun! (And hard). I feel like it's been making changes in my body even though I am really only getting there every week or so.


I tell everyone how much I love it and have brought a lot of my friends! I tell them that the classes are so fun it doesn’t feel like you are working out.


It’s a great workout that makes you feel super confident- honestly during the classes I’m always so “into myself” and that’s because of the great music, look of the studio and attitudes of the instructors! And the quality/intensity of the workout is not at all compromised- I’m always challenged and sweaty but smiling through it!


It’s legit incredible and I was sore for days after. Nothing like it in Boston

Ali Ortiz

All the instructors and participants are very supportive of first timers. I left my first class on a natural high because of how much fun I had!

Caroline Karwoski

Fun, empowering environment and a really good workout!!


I've told a bunch of people about Barre Groove and told them not to be intimidated by Bounce; the owner/instructor Alanna is a freaking gem – she is welcoming, upbeat, and fun, and the class is sweaty, energetic, and probably unlike anything you've experienced.


If you are looking for a fun and effective workout then Barre Groove is the place to go! The classes are all so much fun that you will forget you are even working out. It's different than any other group fitness in Boston and definitely worth a a try. Even the barre classes are different than your typical barre class. They are way more fun and challenging! Everyone at this studio is extremely welcoming, the classes are great for any level.

Jenny Fleisher

You HAVE to try it! The classes are so unique in Boston (or anywhere, for that matter), and the instructors are so upbeat! It's centrally located, the equipment is all in great shape, and the instructors are always in a great mood and really liven up the classes. Being able to take a trampoline class or pom class without having invest in becoming a cheerleader yourself is amazing, plus you get to work out with instructors who were actually in the cheer industry!

Joanne Christian

It is fun, high energy and an amazing workout. The workout kicks your booty, while also building your booty


the studio is beautiful, the instructors have a positive attitude and clearly love to teach, instructors are very prepared, and make everyone feel super comfortable

Kira Coveney

It's awesome! So much fun and a great workout. The class I did was like a Pom dance class but they have classes where they use trampolines and I would definitely suggest that people try it out!

Gina Falzone

- unique/beautiful gym space - approachable and friendly instructors - newbies welcome, fun exercise!


You’re going to love it.


It’s super fun and really different than other classes but still kicks you in the ass and is a great workout!


It’s amazing, uplifting, super fun and a good workout

Jessica Lynch

It is one of the most unique and exhilarating workouts I've ever tried!


It's fun! And the time flies by. Doesn't even feel like working out... until your butt/thighs/arms burn and it totally does.


So fun! Will lift your energy and a great class.


Its a fun way to get exercise that is hard but isn't excruciating to get through - you actually enjoy it.


I am always telling friends to come because I love the Pom class so much! I also like Barre and Bounce but for my friends that have dance backgrounds, I tell them to try Pom. I also say its an amazing workout.

Rebecca Mazur


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