Pom Groove Launch Party


“What I love about Barre Groove is that it combines a lot of different techniques to give you an effective full body workout. From cardio to weights to elements of ballet work at the barre, this high impact energetic class always has me feeling like I just got the best workout. Alanna is an amazing motivator, and has a positive teaching style. She is a ball of energy that never stops moving, and it raises the level of everyone in the class! I would highly recommend her classes to everyone! No dance experience required!”

Melissa Torto

“I’m a regular in Alanna’s Barre Groove classes. The music is always fun and the choreography fresh! I even look forward to the early morning classes as I am guaranteed a great workout that is always challenging (cant remember a class that I wasn’t sore after!!) and empowering. Alanna’s enthusiasm as an instructor is contagious and her encouragement helps everyone in class power through those last twenty pulse squats, even when our legs are shaking! Without a doubt, Barre Groove with Alanna is my favorite class of the week!”

Katherine Figueroa Client

“Hands down the best barre class around. The style of music and choreography makes the class fun, challenging, and leaves you coming back for more!”

Shannon Burke Client

“Barre Groove challenges me in ways I never thought possible. I’m a boxer and used to HIIT work outs, but Barre Groove works muscles I didn’t know I had while jamming to a killer playlist. Alanna’s energy is infectious and her warmth and kindness add to an incredible experience.”

Samantha Surface Reebok