Studio Classes

Studio pricing is for all classes taking place at the Barre Groove studio at 52 Province Street in Boston AND outdoor classes at 401 Park Drive in Fenway.

Barre Groove at BIJOU

All class credits are intended to be used by the individual who purchases them. If you are interested in attending class with a group, please make sure everyone makes a booking using their own account.

Q: I’m planning to attend class with two of my friends, should I purchase a 3 pack?

A: No, class packs are intended for individuals who plan to attend more than one class. A class pack should only be purchased by an individual who plans to attend multiple classes.

Q: I purchased 2 pack and booked a spot for class. Does this mean my friend can come with me?

A: No, If you purchase a 2 pack (or 3 pack) and book a spot in class, this does not mean you have reserved additional spots for your friends! Your friends will still need to make their own booking.

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Pricing for Virtual Classes

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