35% OFF Unlimited Membership

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Lock in unlimited membership at just $99/month before it’s too late! Get into a groove with daily classes at both of our Barre Groove Studios (DTX and lululemon Newbury).

Studio Pricing

Studio pricing applies to all Barre Groove classes taking place at our Downtown studio at 52 Province Street in Boston and lululemon Newbury (208 Newbury Street).

Tickets for classes at Bijou, heels workshops, and other single occurrence events at third party venues are to be purchased separately.

Q: What’s included with a Barre Groove monthly unlimited membership?

  • Unlimited BG classes at our Downtown studio and lululemon Newbury
  • Exclusive 20% discount on:
    • Bounce at BIJOU passes
    • Barre Groove Apparel & Merchandise
    • Private classes at the studio (birthday parties, bachelorettes, corporate events, more)
  • FRIEND PASSES: every member will receive 2 FREE friend passes to use each month, because we all know that fitness is better with friends!

Q: Will my membership be $99/month forever or just the 1st month?

A: If you purchase during the sale, your membership will be $99/month indefinitely! If the price changes in the future, you will receive at least 30 days notice. You can cancel your membership from renewing at any time by emailing the studio at info@barregroove.com.

Q: I want to sign up to lock in my rate, but I don’t want my membership to begin until next month. What should I do?

A: No need to wait! You can choose a future start date for your membership when signing up.

Q: What if I want to cancel my membership from auto-renewing?

A: No problem! You can cancel your membership from renewing at any time by emailing the studio at info@barregroove.com.

Q: Why would I purchase a class pack instead of a membership?

A: Class packs won’t expire for 12 months, so if you plan to only drop by for classes occasionally, class packs may be the better option for you.

Barre Groove at BIJOU

All class credits are intended to be used by the individual who purchases them. If you are interested in attending class with a group, please make sure everyone makes a booking using their own account.

Q: I’m planning to attend class with two of my friends, should I purchase a 3 pack?

A: No, class packs are intended for individuals who plan to attend more than one class. A class pack should only be purchased by an individual who plans to attend multiple classes.

Q: I purchased 2 pack and booked a spot for class. Does this mean my friend can come with me?

A: No, If you purchase a 2 pack (or 3 pack) and book a spot in class, this does not mean you have reserved additional spots for your friends! Your friends will still need to make their own booking.

Have a question? Check out our FAQ page!

Pricing for Virtual Classes

  • BG On Demand

    Includes FREE 7-day Trial and unlimited access to the latest collection of virtual classes

  • Monthly Pass - $25/month
  • Subscribe