Barre Groove’s signature dance class

POM was created by former NFL Cheerleader and Barre Groove founder, Alanna Perry. This class is a first of its kind, high energy, cardio packed, fully choreographed dance class with gold pom poms! In each class you will learn the counts and choreography to 5+ pom routines. Your instructor will break down all of the movement from start to finish so that you will be able to perform each routine as a squad. Expect to high-kick and hair flip your way to your best self!

Please note: this class isn’t about being the best dancer! It’s about getting your cardio in, having fun, and being surrounded by a welcoming squad that is there to cheer YOU on!

What to bring: A water bottle and towel. Wear comfortable workout clothes and sneakers.

Experience level: There is no dance or cheer experience required! The class exists for everyone to enjoy.


PROPS: Pom Poms (optional)