Heels Workshop

by @LegsByAlanna

Discover the secrets of feeling more confident, powerful, and sassy in your heels!

Step into your favorite pair of heels and join us for our heels workshop taught by @LegsByAlanna. This workshop is designed to take your dancing to a whole new level by strengthening your technique, perfecting your walk, mastering head whips, and conquering footwork all while wearing pumps and having fun.

This workshop will focus on building confidence through dancing in heels. It includes:

  • Participant introductions and a collective discussion on workshop goals
  • Thorough warm-up, followed by walks and choreography across the floor
  • A detailed breakdown of the counts and choreography so you can learn the proper form and technique
  • The last 20 minutes of the workshop will be spent performing in small groups. This is your time to shine!
  • Wrap up with a cool down and final stretch


Common questions about our heels workshop

What should I wear?
Dress to impress!!! We encourage you to wear something you feel confident and sassy in but can also move and groove in. Because of floor work , we recommend wearing pants or bringing knee pads.


What type of shoes do I need?
We recommend wearing a heel that is supportive to the ankle. Something with a strap or an ankle boot that has extra support. A thicker heel is easier to dance in. Heels are NOT mandatory but are strongly recommended.
  • Ankle booties
  • Wedged sneakers (recommended for beginners)
  • Stilettos (advanced dancers)


Should I bring anything? 
The following items are optional:
  • Water
  • Knee pads (available to rent at the studio)
  • Sneakers (if you don’t want to dance in your heels the entire time)


Who is the instructor? 
Alanna Perry is the creator/choreographer of the workshop as well as the owner and founder of Barre Groove. As an instructor, she is most commonly described by her guests as welcoming, energetic, personable and fun to be around.


Her background includes a degree in modern and contemporary ballet, performing as a cheerleader for the New England Patriots,  and teaching dance / instructing fitness classes for over 15 years!