Latest updates on the class schedule

Q: What is the plan for the schedule?

A: The schedule will be packed this summer! We will continue to host bounce classes in the club, we’ll be announcing a regular series of outdoor classes in the Fenway area, and we will also be leading some outdoor pop-up bounce classes at some of Boston’s most beautiful locations!

Q: I have a Bounce at The Grand class credit left. Can I receive a refund?

A: Yes! We will not charge anyone for a class that they purchased but were unable to take due to unforeseen circumstances.

However, we are hoping you will wait to see our new schedule before requesting a refund. When we announce our new classes, you will still be able to use your existing credit at the club (or for any of our outdoor classes). We’ll also be extending the expiration of class credits so you won’t lose a credit due to the postponement.

Q: What’s the plan for the studio downtown?

A: The studio is much smaller than the club (normal capacity ~20) so we’re concerned about putting our guests in a tight space while covid-19 is still lingering. Our team and most of our guests will probably feel more comfortable in outdoor spaces and larger venues that allow for comfortable social distancing.

If covid-19 data continues to trend in the right direction this summer, we’re hopeful everyone will feel comfortable and safe coming back. We’re hopeful that will take place around mid-August but it depends on how things go.

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