Barre Groove Trampoline

refresh your cardio from home with the cushioned bounce of our springless low-impact trampoline. paired with our dynamic, addicting and ever evolving bounce classes, the Barre Groove trampoline powered by JumpSport® is perfect for any body type. It’s built with a 32.5″ jumping surface, arched legs for optimal stability, and 3 easy-to-adjust firmness settings that extend the life of the elastic cords. Amplify your cardio while having fun. We promise it will leave you buzzing the foremost version of yourself.



In stock



  • One trampoline
  • 3 months of subscription to Barre Groove On Demand


  • 39″ pink colored frame
  • no-tip arched pink colored legs
  • EnduroLast™ 3 adjustable long-lasting elastic cords – tested to millions of bounces!
  • Permatron® mat with enhanced lay-flat extended skirt
  • non-marking silicone leg caps

Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 3 in


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