Meet Alanna

Meet the Founder

Alanna Perry's entire lifetime of experiences have culminated in the development of her Barre Groove fitness program. She started dance at a very young age and immediately fell in love. As she grew older, she became a dance instructor and choreographer at her local studio. Upon graduating high school, she decided to pursue her passion for dance even further by earning a degree in modern and contemporary ballet at the Herberger School of Fine Arts at Arizona State University. 

The method she developed is centered around movement, dance, and music that creates a fun environment for her students to sculpt lean muscles and achieve their fitness goals. 

Alanna is described by her peers and students as an energetic, friendly, and detail oriented instructor. She has been teaching students ranging from young kids to adults since her teenage years. In addition to her experience as a fitness and dance instructor, she was a New England Patriots Cheerleader during the 2013-14 NFL season. As a Patriots cheerleader, she had the opportunity to perform in front of hundreds of thousands of fans on a weekly basis.

She looks forward to having the opportunity to help you reach your peak fitness!