Bounce at The Grand
Bounce Fitness in a world class, Vegas-style nightclub!

We’ve brought our award winning bounce (trampoline) fitness to the best nightclub in Boston!

Prepare for a workout experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. There’s a DJ, lighting crew, LED screens, and an all-star cast of instructors that guide you through an adrenaline pumping, sweat inducing, full body workout.

Gather your friends and bounce with us every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at The Grand Boston in Seaport!




The Grand Boston
58 Seaport Blvd, Suite 300
Boston, MA 02110


We recommend using to reserve your parking spot before coming to class. It’s much easier- and probably less expensive- than having to drive around searching for a parking spot on the street!

Tickets range from $25 to $30 per class

Class Format
We exclusively teach our award winning bounce fitness classes at The Grand. The classes are a mix of trampoline work and floor work that are great full body workouts!

Learn more about our bounce class and it’s benefits here!

COVID-19 Policies
Class sizes will be limited to a fraction of The Grand’s capacity (less than 45 guests) and the ventilation in the club is excellent. The Grand is a very large venue (800+ person capacity) so with less than 45 guests there is plenty of space to comfortably ensure social distancing!

The latest mask wearing guidance from the state of Massachusetts-COVID-19 Order 55- requires everyone to wear a mask while in public spaces. The only exceptions are for individuals with a medical or disabling condition.


Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page!

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