Barre Groove COVID-19 Policies
We’re working to make our studio as safe as possible

The most important policy we have is to STAY HOME IF YOU’RE SICK! If you have ANY symptoms of COVID-19, please don’t risk spreading it by joining us in the studio! If you don’t feel well, simply contact us and we will gladly refund your class.

Mask Wearing Policy

The latest mask wearing guidance from the state of Massachusetts-COVID-19 Order 55-  requires everyone to wear a mask while in public spaces. The only exceptions are for individuals with a medical or disabling condition.

Limited capacity

Based on current Massachusetts state guidelines, we will be limiting capacity in the studio to a maximum of 9 clients.

Social distancing measures

1. The floor will be marked with designated areas (6+ feet apart) for each client to exercise in.

2. To help maintain social distancing, there will be extended time between classes on the schedule.

3. To minimize exposure before and after class, you will exit using the staircase directly in front of the studio door and you will enter using the opposite staircase.

Equipment policies

Equipment (weights, trampolines, mats) will be wiped down after every class so you will always be using clean equipment when you enter the studio.

For POM class, you must bring your own poms, purchase poms in the studio, or take class without using poms (Poms are very tricky to completely clean)

Extra Sanitation

1. Regular professional cleaning crew visits

2. Periodic disinfecting by White Coat

3. You will be required to use free hand sanitizer to clean your hands when you enter

Contactless check-in

You will need to download the free BG mobile app to self check-in OR be sure the instructor checks you in before class begins.