Q&A with Stephanie Castro
BG Instructor

When did you begin teaching at Barre Groove?

September of 2022.

What class format’s do you teach?

I am currently teaching Bounce & Barre, Bounce & Bands, and Bounce & Sculpt! But more is coming your way!

What day’s of the week can we typically find you on the schedule?

My regular days are usually Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays! Occasionally Sunday morning!

What is your Instagram handle?


Why did you become an instructor at Barre Groove?

Before becoming an instructor I was a client! I instantly fell in love! When the opportunity was given to become an instructor I had to go for it! I’m so happy I did cause I truly enjoy what I do!

What is your background in fitness and/or dance?

I am more of a runner and strength trainer. I started long distance running back in high school. I started running again 2.5 years ago to start preparing my body physically and mentally to run a marathon. After running my first marathon I became obsessed and started signing up for multiple ones. I have my third one coming up this year and I’m super excited!

What motivates you as an instructor?

Seeing how far I’ve come long and being able to inspire other people with my experience. Within the last 2.5 years I’ve lost about 80lbs ! I pushed myself everyday to work hard and now being in the position of an instructor I can motivate and push others as well all while having the most fun!

What type of music will we hear in your classes?

I got a little bit of everything! I’m Puerto Rican and Dominican so I love adding some Afro beats, reggaeton , and dancehall! But my class has variety! We do old school, new school, remixes, everything!

Describe yourself as a fitness instructor in ONE word…


When I’m not teaching at the studio I’m…

I’m either training for my next marathon or bartending downtown!

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