Q&A with Carrie Christopher
BG Instructor

What is your background in fitness?

Let’s see… well I have always been active in my local dance community and I guess it really all began when I landed my first “instructor” gig at age 12 as a teacher’s aide for my local dance studio. I earned 8 bucks a class for helping our community youth shuffle-ball-change, jazz square, and grapevine their way across the dance floor and I loved every second of it. I continued to aide and eventually found myself instructing dance throughout high school and college; I also volunteer coached our town’s pee-wee cheerleaders and middle school dance team (OMG they were soooo freaking cute!) I was introduced to fitness my freshman year of college when I took my first cardio kick-boxing class; holy hell it was hard and used muscles in ways I hadn’t before, I nearly got sick after class and I could barely walk the next few days…I WAS HOOKED! (crazy… I know but I am sucker for a challenge!) Teaching and dance got away from me after graduating college and entering the office life; I still managed regularly attend fitness classes but to be honest my passion was dwindling a bit until……I met Alanna and Barre Groove….barre class to hip hop and rap?! Weight work that feels like a dance party?! Yes please! I immediately immersed myself in everything BG and when Alanna was looking for instructors begged her to be a part of it….Its been nearly 3 years now and I am still as passionate about our platform as when I started and forever grateful to have this squad in my life!

What motivates you as a fitness instructor at BG?

The fun of it! Alanna has created class formats that truly feel like a dance party all while effectively toning all the right spots. We aren’t kidding when we call ourselves a FUN FITNESS STUDIO; I have yet to see someone NOT smile as they jump on a trampoline. None of our classes are ever the same and they all fly by so fast! I love watching clients ENJOY working out; I can tell when they’ve become hooked and its so rewarding to watch them strengthen not only their bodies but also their minds and overall confidence!

Describe yourself as an instructor in ONE word…


What type of music will we hear in your classes?

Pop/hip-hop/dance and I always have some throw backs in the mix

What’s your “go-to” drink order?

Gin Martini…actually… any kind of martini…I don’t discriminate

When I’m not teaching at the studio I’m…

I am the VP of Accounting for a regional real estate development and management company. When I am not crunching numbers or abs you will find my fiancée, Ed, and I walking our yellow-lab, Teddy or lounging with some cocktails and our kitty, Jack.

If you were stranded on an island and could only bring one piece of fitness equipment what would it be…

A speaker! Working out with no tunes = no fun!

If I had to give myself a superlative it would be…


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