Q&A with Brooke P
BG Instructor

When did you begin teaching at Barre Groove?

Fall of 2023.

What class format’s do you teach?

I teach Bounce & Barre, Bounce & Sculpt and Bounce & Bands

What day’s of the week can we typically find you on the schedule?

You can find me on the schedule Monday and Thursday nights, Friday mornings and occasionally on the weekends! 

What is your Instagram handle?


Why did you become an instructor at Barre Groove?

I’ve always had a passion for fitness and have been taking Barre Groove classes since Alanna first opened the studio. I’ve thought about becoming an instructor for a few years now and finally ripped off the Band-Aid. There truly is no workout like a Barre Groove workout and I absolutely love the feeling of being able to motivate an entire room of people working toward a common goal. 

What is your background in fitness and/or dance?

I grew up dancing and have always had a passion for fitness! 

What motivates you as an instructor?

The BG squad is my biggest motivation! Clients have the ability to keep the energy in the room high and a willingness to finish stronger than they start every single time. I absolutely love when clients step onto that tramp and they give 120% every single time. Being able to help a single person toward their fitness goals motivates me in being the best instructor I can be. 

What type of music will we hear in your classes?

Honestly, it depends on the day but it’s guaranteed to be upbeat and motivating. I am a sucker for a throwback because what better way to bring people together than working out and everyone knowing every single word to the song playing. 

Describe yourself as a fitness instructor in ONE word…


When I’m not teaching at the studio I’m…

Working as a social media director for an agency in Boston, scrolling through photos of dogs, or frolicking around the North End with my family or friends. 

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