Bounce & Barre

BOUNCE & BARRE is our most popular class! It’s a cardio intensive, muscle sculpting, full body workout that incorporates both rebounding and barre derived exercises.


This high intensity, low impact class targets the legs, core, and arms. The bouncing will also help to improve your body’s lymphatic function, balance, and coordination!


Bounce & Barre is intended for EVERYONE- including people who have never jumped on a trampoline!


Expect to have a ton of fun while getting a workout unlike any other!


You HAVE to try it! The classes are so unique in Boston (or anywhere, for that matter), and the instructors are so upbeat! It's centrally located, the equipment is all in great shape, and the instructors are always in a great mood and really liven up the classes. Being able to take a trampoline class or pom class without having invest in becoming a cheerleader yourself is amazing, plus you get to work out with instructors who were actually in the cheer industry!

Joanne Christian

It’s legit incredible and I was sore for days after. Nothing like it in Boston

Ali Ortiz

Its a fun way to get exercise that is hard but isn't excruciating to get through - you actually enjoy it.


I've told a bunch of people about Barre Groove and told them not to be intimidated by Bounce; the owner/instructor Alanna is a freaking gem – she is welcoming, upbeat, and fun, and the class is sweaty, energetic, and probably unlike anything you've experienced.


Well, in short, I rave about it and glow when I talk about it. Working out is fun! (And hard). I feel like it's been making changes in my body even though I am really only getting there every week or so.