Q&A with Becky
BG Instructor

When did you begin teaching at Barre Groove?

Fall of 2023.

What class format’s do you teach?

I am currently teaching Bounce & Barre and Bounce & Sculpt.

What day’s of the week can we typically find you on the schedule?

You can find me on the schedule Tuesday nights and the occasional weekends!

What is your Instagram handle?


Why did you become an instructor at Barre Groove?

I have been a client at Barre Groove for the past 2 years! I loved the community at Barre Groove and couldn’t stop coming back! I felt so motivated and my confidence grew so much. I wanted to become an instructor so that I can ignite the same feeling I felt as a client!

What is your background in fitness and/or dance?

I have been involved in sports/fitness my whole life!

What motivates you as an instructor?

I have learned so much becoming an instructor and I am so motivated by the Barre Groove community! Everyone always shows up and shows off 100% of the time and it is so contagious!

What type of music will we hear in your classes?

R&B/Hip hop, reggaeton, and afrobeats!

Describe yourself as a fitness instructor in ONE word…


When I’m not teaching at the studio I’m…

Teaching high school math, watching Love Island, or exploring new areas in Boston!

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